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Our mission is to develop plant-based products in order to accelerate the transition from animal to plant protein - for improved health for humans and less harm done to planet and animals. Our dairy products are based on the protein of yellow split peas.

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Our aim is to provide food that is first and foremost good for you. Food that your body soaks up because it loves it. Food that is designed with digestion and the absorbtion of nutrients in mind. Taste of course is important. That's why Vly tastes the way it does. But it is not our starting point. Our starting point is health. And this will never change.

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Food scientists have been trained by the corporate world to create food products with specific functional characteristics: Taste, texture, color, mouthfeel, etc... We fundamentally change the parameters. We utilize the latest technological advancements to make our nutritional vision come to reality.

THe healthiest Dairy alternatives ever

We believe food should be designed to make you thrive


Protein is not equal protein. There is of course the amino acid profile but much more important than that is to understand how readily available the proteins are, i.e. how easily your body can make use of them. The proteins we use are minimally processed, kept highly enzymatic and are therefore optimized for digestion.


Micronutrients are crucial for your body to function properly. There are plentiful and ~30 vitamins and minerals are essential in a sense that your body cannot produce them in sufficient amounts itself. Micronutrients are also best found in plants. Basing our products on natural whole plants enables us to provide highly absorbable micronutrients.


The gut is where food is digested. It is also where 2/3 of the immune system resides and where >90% of your body's serotonin is produced. Gut health is of utmost importance to your life and yogurts are the most common way to influence it. We use a unique process to protect the good, probiotic bacteria in our yogurt in order to increase the share of probiotics that makes it all the way to the gut.